We will install your tires free of charge with purchase of either new or used tires. All tires are professionally balanced with our computerized balancer to give you a smooth ride every time.



Tire rotation refers to switching the position of each tire on your vehicle. It is recommended that you rotate your tires every 10-15,000 km. The purpose of tire rotation is to help equalize the tread wear on your tires and help maintain the life of your tires.



Bloor Tire with inspect damaged rims and give you a free no obligation quote to get service done. Rest assured, our professional tire and rim specialist will help get your damaged rims again looking like new.



Proper wheel balance ensures that the spinning wheels do not have a heavy spot, which can cause vibration and premature wear of the tires, strut, shocks, plus other steering and suspension parts. Remember, balanced wheels help to ensure a smooth ride!



Get your rims looking like new again. Our professional cleaning products will restore the shine on those dated rims. Don’t throw them out, let us restore them for you. And if they are damaged, we have the right tools to get them repaired and looking like new.